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About Us

Our vision is to keep the heart in investigating. Our mission in what we do and what we hope to accomplish with this event is to help people feel more comfortable and less afraid of the unknown. We seek to:

      Encourage our community to be open-minded
      Educate with what the paranormal community has learned and continue to discover
      Evolve thinking around the unknown - and the people who look for those answers
      Enrich with experiences and people who are truly engaging and relatable
      Embrace - we want people to see that we care about them and about bringing something valuable to the hearts and minds of our community.

What we are trying to accomplish here is very important to us. We're carefully selecting each person speaking and vending at our event to ensure that FWParaCon is represented with integrity, matching our values. We want everyone who attends to feel like they've experienced something truly fun and exciting, and possibly also learned something new!